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Restaurante Hollywood | 荷里活餐廳

SAM BRANDESIGN is responsible for the brand logo design of "Restaurante Hollywood" in Macau. Restaurante Hollywood offers a fusion of Chinese and Western cuisine, specializing in Hong Kong-style sizzling steak on a hot plate. Restaurante Hollywood's core brand values are "nostalgia," "affordability," and "generous portions." The logo design draws inspiration from the nostalgic sizzling steak on a hot plate, combining the restaurant's Portuguese name Restaurante Hollywood with a cow silhouette, evoking the visual, auditory, and olfactory senses associated with food cooked on a hot plate, arousing desire for the food. The color scheme uses shades of brown to represent the historical integration of Western cuisine into everyday life in Macau, creating a visual identity that combines both Chinese and Western elements in a friendly and approachable manner.


SAM BRANDESIGN為澳門的『Restaurante Hollywood - 荷里活餐廳』進行品牌標誌設計。Restaurante Hollywood - 荷里活餐廳提供中西合併的䜴油西餐料理,是一間澳門老字號的港式牛扒鐵板西餐廳。 Restaurante Hollywood - 荷里活餐廳以『懷舊』、『平價』及『份量足』為品牌核心價值,品牌標誌設計以懷舊牛扒鐵板為聯想,將餐廳葡萄牙名稱Restaurante Hollywood與牛造型做結合,將食物與鐵板產生的視、聽、嗅覺等多重感觀效果,勾起對食物的慾望。顏色設計以棕色系來表現過去殖民西方飲食融入一般澳門生活的歷史,使整體標誌有中西合併且平易近人的視覺識別。






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