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Strive Consulting | 搏動國際顧問

SAM BRANDESIGN was responsible for the company brand design of Strive Consulting in Macau. The services included logo design, business card design, certificate design, and more. Strive Consulting is a Macau-based corporate training and consulting company. Their training and consulting services cover areas such as corporate management, leadership development, and customer service, offering tailored training and consulting solutions based on client needs. The core values of Strive Consulting are "vitality," "perseverance," and "hope." The logo design starts with the concept of "people," combining the letter "i" with an exclamation mark "!" to symbolize that training can unleash potential, change oneself, and amaze oneself. The color design uses orange to represent the company's energetic spirit and the visual sensation of brave change.


SAM BRANDESIGN為澳門的『Strive Consulting - 搏動國際顧問』進行公司品牌設計,服務內容包含標誌設計、名片設計、證書設計等。Strive Consulting - 搏動國際顧問是一間澳門的企業培訓顧問公司 ,培訓顧問範圍包含企業管理、領導力培養、客戶服務等軟性技巧服務,根據客戶需求提供量身定制的培訓顧問方案。 Strive Consulting - 搏動國際顧問以『活力』、『堅持』及『希望』為公司核心價值。標誌設計以『人』為出發,從本身『 i 』與驚嘆號『 ! 』結合示意培訓可以發掘潛能,改變自己,使自己驚艷;顏色設計則以橘色來代表公司的精力充沛精神及勇敢改變的視覺感官。



"SAM BRANDESIGN, who are passionate about branding design and development. Before any actual work for the branding, the first thing they will do is to understand the owner of the brand as they believes that the brand has to be aligned with what the owner believes. They are not designing logo, they are designing brand. "


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