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easy! | 易洗

SAM BRANDESIGN has been tasked with designing the brand touchpoints for "easy!" in Macau, which includes the brand vehicle design and application icon design. "easy!" allows users to conveniently schedule and order laundry services without leaving their homes. Users can simply use the mobile application (App) to make a reservation, input basic information and special requirements, choose a date and time for garment collection, and complete the reservation and payment process. The laundry is then collected, cleaned, and delivered back to the user within approximately 3-4 working days, making laundry an easy and hassle-free task. The brand vehicle design incorporates the brand's primary colors of yellow and blue, representing the brand's commitment to providing reliable and convenient services. The application icon design complements the existing logo style and incorporates visual cues to differentiate different laundry service categories.


SAM BRANDESIGN為澳門的『easy! - 易洗App』進行品牌接觸點設計,其中包含品牌車身設計及應用程式icon設計。easy! - 易洗App提供用戶不用出門,只需要透過手機應用程式(App)預約下單,輸入基本資料及特殊要求,並選擇收衣日期及時間,完成預約及付款。上門收衣,完成清洗後送回用戶,過程約3~4個工作日即可完成,讓洗衣變輕鬆小事。品牌車身設計以品牌主色黃色與藍色為組合基礎,呈現輕鬆可靠的品牌服務訴求;應用程式icon設計配合原有標誌風格,進行不同送洗服務類別的識別設計。