Employee Passion and Brand Attractiveness

Employees' love is the key to winning customers' affection for a company. This statement comes from renowned author Simon Sinek, who mentioned it in his book "Start with Why." The true meaning behind this phrase is that if employees aren't passionate and loving towards their company, customers can never truly love it. It is a profound and inspiring perspective that has significant implications for brand design and development.


Imagine walking into a store where the employees have blank expressions and perform their tasks without enthusiasm. You wouldn't develop much interest in that store and certainly wouldn't feel any affection toward their products or services. On the other hand, if employees are passionate about their work and eager to assist customers, you are likely to develop a positive impression of that store and be willing to become a loyal customer.


This kind of employee love cannot be bought with money. It stems from employees resonating with the values and mission of the company. When employees understand and identify with the company's goals and feel the importance of their contributions towards those goals, they invest more effort into their work and transmit that passion to the customers.


This employee love has a profound impact on brand design and development. Brand design is not just about a company's logo or product packaging; it represents the company's values and serves as a bridge between the company and its customers. When employees take pride in the company's brand design and are willing to represent it, that love further strengthens the brand's influence.


Furthermore, employee love is evident in their interactions with customers. When employees genuinely care about and understand customer needs, they can provide a better service experience and build deep customer relationships. This love motivates employees to proactively seek solutions, exceed customer expectations, and create unforgettable experiences.


To sum it up, Simon Sinek's statement, "Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first," reminds us that employee love is crucial for brand success. Only when employees are passionate and loving towards their company can customers genuinely develop affection for it. This love shapes the brand image, delivers exceptional service experiences, and establishes long-lasting customer relationships. Therefore, in brand design and development, we must value employee engagement and a sense of belonging, ensure their alignment with the company's values and mission, and provide them with the necessary training and support to truly invest in their work.


Sinek, S. (2009). Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. Penguin.







員工的愛是企業贏得顧客愛戴的關鍵。這句話來自知名作家Simon Sinek,他在他的書籍《Start with Why》中提到了這個觀點。這句話的真正含義是,如果員工沒有對企業充滿熱情和愛意,顧客是無法真正愛上這家公司的。這是一個非常深刻且具有啟發性的觀點,對於品牌設計的發展有著重要的影響。










總結來說,Simon Sinek所說的這句話“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”提醒我們,員工的愛是品牌成功的關鍵。只有當員工對企業充滿熱情和愛意時,顧客才會對企業產生真正的愛戴之情。這種愛能夠塑造品牌形象,提供卓越的服務體驗,並建立起長久的顧客關係。因此,在品牌設計和發展中,我們需要重視員工的參與和參與感,確保他們對企業的價值觀和使命感有所認同,並提供他們所需的培訓和支持,使他們能夠真正投入到工作中。


Sinek, S. (2009). Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. Penguin.