The Unique Rise of an American Luxury Brand Fear of God Essentials

Fear of God stands out as a notable exception among American luxury brands, having successfully expanded its global presence in recent years. While few US labels have managed to establish strong businesses outside their home country, Fear of God has defied the odds. The brand's founder, Jerry Lorenzo Manuel Jnr, started the company almost on a whim in 2011 when he designed custom looks for Justin Bieber's Purpose world tour.


Jerry Lorenzo, who goes by his first and middle names, draws inspiration from his father, Jerry Manuel, a former American baseball player, coach, and manager who has had a significant influence on him. Lorenzo's Christian faith also plays a crucial role in his company, as evident in its name. During an interview at Fear of God's headquarters in Los Angeles, he emphasizes the foundational role of his faith in shaping his approach to running the business.


Lorenzo's background in sports marketing and event promotion, rather than formal design education or experience with established brands, sets him apart in the industry. He entered the fashion world at a time when the realms of fashion, music, sports, entertainment, and pop culture were intersecting.


His approach to clothing is akin to his approach to hosting parties - he seeks to create a unique space and atmosphere that resonates with his own preferences and believes others will appreciate as well. This mindset drove his desire to establish Fear of God, creating a brand and environment he personally desired.


Unlike many designers who launch their companies immediately after graduating, Lorenzo started Fear of God in his mid-thirties. He considers this an advantage, as his intentions and motivations differ from what they might have been if he had started earlier. Rather than striving for relevance, Lorenzo aimed to create something sustainable and authentic, prioritizing his own pace and vision rather than conforming to traditional practices like participating in fashion week or pursuing mainstream fashion media attention.


While Fear of God is often associated with streetwear, its aesthetic is not limited to a specific style. The brand's range includes a variety of items such as tailored pants, bomber jackets, blazers, hoodies, and sweatpants, predominantly in monochrome colors that reflect the relaxed vibes of California. Lorenzo's ability to collaborate with diverse labels such as Italian menswear brand Zegna and sportswear giant Adidas exemplifies his capacity to bridge different worlds and aesthetics that defy categorization.


Fear of God has leveraged the democratic approach of American luxury, offering its Essentials range as a moneymaking venture. This line has quickly become the daily uniform for millennials, Gen Z, and their children. While the Essentials line is reasonably priced, it goes beyond basic garments, incorporating unique design elements and attention to detail that set it apart.


Lorenzo's recent hiring of Alfred Chang, formerly from retailer Pacsun, as the brand's first CEO signifies Fear of God's success and growth. Lorenzo's ability to tap into what people desire from their clothing in an era where the boundaries between casual and formal attire have blurred has contributed to the brand's resonance on a global scale.


Lorenzo's ultimate goal is for Fear of God to be recognized and appreciated independently of himself. He wants the brand to thrive and endure beyond his personal involvement. Although he invests great passion and effort into the brand, he aims to create pieces that allow individuals to express their own identities rather than feeling like mere extensions of himself.


Despite his achievements and industry recognition, Lorenzo avoids the spotlight and prioritizes spending time with his family. He does not feel the need to conform to industry expectations or seek validation from big luxury conglomerates or the fashion capitals of Paris and Milan. Fear of God has held only one fashion show, purposely held far from the usual fashion capitals in Los Angeles.


Lorenzo's unique blend of Christian faith, personal background, and business approach sets him apart in an industry often focused on surface matters rather than substance. He openly discusses his faith and its influence on his work, refusing to compromise or strategize by removing aspects of himself from his creative process. He aims to use his platform to create something beautiful and encourages others to trust in the validity of their own perspectives, regardless of industry norms or endorsements.





美國奢侈品品牌Fear of God Essentials的獨特崛起


Fear of God在美國奢侈品品牌中獨樹一幟,近年來成功擴展了全球業務。雖然很少有美國品牌能夠在本土以外建立強大的業務,但Fear of God打破了這個常規。該品牌的創始人Jerry Lorenzo Manuel Jnr於2011年幾乎是一時興起之下創立了該公司,當時他為Justin Bieber的Purpose世界巡迴演唱會設計了定制服飾。


Jerry Lorenzo(他使用自己的名字和中間名稱)受他的父親Jerry Manuel的影響很大,後者是一位前美國棒球選手、教練和經理。Lorenzo的基督教信仰在他的公司中也扮演著重要角色,正如品牌名稱所表明的那樣。在洛杉磯Fear of God的總部進行的一次採訪中,他強調他的信仰對他經營業務方法的基礎性作用。




他對服飾的理念就像他對舉辦派對的理念一樣,他希望創造一個與他自己喜好相符的獨特空間和氛圍,並相信他人也會欣賞。這種心態驅使他希望創立Fear of God,創造一個他個人渴望的品牌和環境。


與許多在畢業後立即創立自己公司的設計師不同,Lorenzo在三十多歲時創立了Fear of God。他認為這是一個優勢,因為他的意圖和動機與如果他早些時候開始可能會有所不同。Lorenzo的目標不是追求時尚,而是創造一個可持續和真實的東西,他更優先考慮自己的步伐和願景,而不是遵循傳統做法,如參加時裝周或追求主流時尚媒體的關注。


雖然Fear of God常被與街頭時尚聯繫在一起,但其風格並不局限於特定風格。該品牌的產品範圍包括各種物品,如修身褲、飛行外套、西裝外套、連帽衫和運動褲,主要以加利福尼亞州放鬆的氛圍為特色的單色調。Lorenzo與意大利男裝品牌Zegna和運動品牌Adidas等不同品牌的合作,展示了他能夠跨越不同的世界和美學,超越類別化的能力。


Fear of God利用美國奢侈品的民主方式,推出其Essentials系列作為一個賺錢的企業。這一系列迅速成為千禧一代、Z世代及其子女的日常服裝。儘管Essentials系列價格合理,但它超越了基本的服飾,融入了獨特的設計元素和對細節的關注,使其與眾不同。


Lorenzo最近聘請了來自零售商Pacsun的前執行長Alfred Chang作為該品牌的首位CEO,這標誌著Fear of God的成功和成長。Lorenzo能夠洞察人們在服裝上的渴望,這在一個時代中,休閒和正式服裝之間的界線變得模糊,對該品牌的共鳴起到了作用。


Lorenzo的最終目標是讓Fear of God獨立於他本人而被人們認可和喜愛。他希望該品牌能夠茁壯成長,超越他個人的參與。儘管他對該品牌投入了極大的熱情和努力,但他的目標是創造讓個人能夠表達自己身份的作品,而不是讓他個人成為品牌的延伸。


儘管取得了成就和業界認可,Lorenzo避免矚目,並將時間優先分配給家人。他不感覺需要遵循業界的期望,也不追求來自大型奢侈品集團或巴黎、米蘭等時尚之都的認可。Fear of God僅舉辦過一場時裝秀,並故意選擇在遠離傳統時裝之都的洛杉磯舉行。